NAACP Evansville organizes virtual town hall to educate public on pandemic, vaccine rollout

Local chapter plans to hold town hall events throughout February

NAACP Evansville organizes virtual town hall to educate public on pandemic, vaccine rollout

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - The Evansville chapter of the NAACP is inviting the community every Saturday for a virtual town hall session over Facebook Live. These town halls will address the COVID-19 pandemic, along with so much more.

14 News spoke with NAACP Evansville President Rev. Gerald Arnold on Saturday. He says these town halls are meant to speak to the facts of the coronavirus pandemic and squash any fears the community may have.

“We might be able to help people overcome their fears regarding what’s going on because we need to be careful because 450,000 people have died already,” Reverend Arnold said.

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All are invited to attend virtually through NAACP Evansville’s official Facebook page starting at 10 a.m.

Click here to find the live events.

Rev. Arnold says so much was talked about during Saturday’s discussion, but one main point was the vaccine rollout. He shared some statistics and remarked on how skewed the numbers seem when comparing COVID-19 deaths and vaccine distribution in the Black community.

”Statistics show that we are responsible for 15% of those deaths, but we’re only accounted for 5% of the vaccines, and so - that ain’t equity,” Rev. Arnold said. “So we have a responsibility as a social, civil rights organization to get in and make sure there’s equity - there’s fair treatment of people of color.”

Rev. Arnold told 14 News these numbers could be a result of a combination of the Black community being skeptical on receiving the vaccine and distributions not being totally equal.

“I encourage people to take the vaccine and certainly we will overcome this,” he said.

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