Wabash County Jail brings new UV light sterilization equipment to combat COVID-19

Published: Jan. 28, 2021 at 6:45 PM CST
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Wabash County, Ill. (WFIE) - The new machine is known as the Arc, a new sterilization tool at Wabash County Jail funded by the CARES Act. It uses no cleaning solution, only UV lights.

“It’s hospital grade light technology that’s used to disinfect the air and surfaces around it,” said Sheriff Derek Morgan.

Standing six feet tall, the Arc can sterilize 1,000 square feet in seven minutes, according to Morgan.

It’s a stationary machine, but Morgan said the wheels have given them more use.

“It rolls around so it’s very portable,” Morgan said. “We can use it at this building, or the jail or our courthouse if needed.”

Morgan said they got the Arc mainly to keep COVID-19 at bay, but said it also kills MRSA and other diseases commonly spread in a jail.

“It gives our staff peace of mind that we have sanitized the room and the air in the rooms,” said Morgan. “It’s supposed to kill 99 percent of pathogens, so it makes you feel good.”

Even when just sitting in his office, Morgan said he’s felt a difference.

“Once you run a cleaning cycle you can walk into a room and it smells different,” he said.

The quick cycle allows for quick turnover of jail cells, which Morgan said has been a big plus.

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