Henderson Co. sees increase in illegal dumping

Henderson Co. sees increase in illegal dumping

HENDERSON CO., Ky (WFIE) - Henderson County is seeing an increase in illegal dumping.

City leaders say because of COVID-19 regulations, inmates from the Henderson County Jail can’t participate in roadside cleanups on county roads, meaning more work for county workers.

The recycling department says a lot of trash and debris land on the side of the road from drivers of pickup trucks who don’t tarp down the beds of their truck.

Leaders say the county offers several free or very cheap methods of disposing these items, and it would be easier just to drop them at the county landfill or the recycling center.

The items that are being dumped, if you take them to the landfill, it would cost you seven dollars to get rid of. If you’re driving a big truck, and you’re loading it up and hauling it out into the county to find a secluded place to dump it, you’re probably spending that much in gas,” said Nancy Watkins, Henderson recycling coordinator.

Watkins says if you are caught dumping, you could face several fines.

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