Affidavit: Woman kicks officer & takes legal documents from several houses in Evansville

Affidavit: Woman kicks officer & takes legal documents from several houses in Evansville

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - An Evansville woman is in jail on multiple charges including battery against a public safety official.

Officers responded to an alley between Evans Avenue and Linwood Avenue for a woman exposing herself.

Court documents show a witness told police 50-year-old April Johnson was trying to open car doors on Morton Avenue.

April Johnson.
April Johnson. (Source: Vanderburgh Co. Jail)

Police say Johnson had an outstanding misdemeanor warrant and she was placed in handcuffs. They say Johnson was arguing with the victim while in handcuffs, saying she was a mail carrier and had permission to be in the victim’s vehicle.

Documents show the victim identified several items in Johnson’s bag along with mail from several houses. Police say some of the legal documents were opened, including W2′s. Documents state a federal liaison was contacted in regards to the items.

Officers say they also found two glass pipes with burnt residue.

While officers started a search incident to arrest Johnson, police say she told officers she would kill them and made threats to strike them. That’s when police say she turned and kicked an officer in the leg.

According to court documents, Johnson tried to pull free from officers when getting into the police car and made threats of kicking officers again. They also show Johnson became loud and argumentative which drew the attention of neighbors in the area.

Court documents state Johnson’s outstanding misdemeanor warrant comes from a similar incident a few months ago where she stole items from vehicles and mailboxes a few blocks away from this incident.

Johnson is booked in the Vanderburgh County Jail on the following charges.

  • Battery on a public safety official
  • Communication - Intimidation
  • Theft from a motor vehicle with prior
  • Resisting law enforcement
  • Public indecency - Indecent exposure
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Possession of paraphernalia

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