Mt. Vernon High School cancels prom due to COVID-19

Mt. Vernon cancels Prom

MT. VERNON, Ind. (WFIE) - Mount Vernon High School is canceling prom due to COVID-19.

School officials say forecasting the county’s status, finding a venue and maintaining social distancing at a school dance is difficult.

Principal Kyle Jones said that their discussions with the county health department helped them determine that being able to assemble 300 kids for a dance would be nearly impossible.

“How can you predict what stage we’ll be in in April or May,” Jones said.

School leaders said the decision came early to help parents and students save money.

Jones said that it wasn’t an easy choice, but it had to be made before people began spending on tuxedos and prom dresses.

“We hate taking anything from our kids,” he said. “Our kids have lost so much... but we also want to be up front and clear with them and not cost them a bunch of money.”

Administrators also say they want to protect students and families.

Boutiques in the area are beginning to feel some pressure again as the first school in the tristate cancels their prom.

Last year, AnnaLe’s Twice Chosen Bridal and Prom Consignment Shop in Evansville was hit hard when all proms were canceled due to the pandemic.

Assistant Manager Faith Straw said that half of their business comes from proms, but they’ve accepted what’s happening.

Straw said they recognize that it’s most important to keep kids safe.

The store said they’re still offering dresses for people to take prom photos and enjoy some of the traditions they’ll otherwise be missing out on.

“There’s not much we can do due to the pandemic,” Straw said. “But we’re here for the girls wherever they need us.”

Both the boutique and the school said that they’re making the most of an unfortunate situation.

Principal Jones said that they still want to have a graduation ceremony, and safety precautions like this help to ensure that still happens.

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