Wabash Community Schools board member faces criticism after posting TikTok video

Wabash Community Schools board member faces criticism after posting TikTok video

WABASH CO., Ill. (WFIE) - A board member with Wabash Community Schools is facing criticism after posting a video on TikTok.

In the video, board member Ryan Peter encourages people to lie to the health department during the contact tracing process in order to avoid being placed in quarantine.

“We’re all tired of masks, we’re all tired of the plague,” Peter said in the video. “And I tell you what - there’s nothing more challenging right now than being a school board member during all this ****.”

Peter also says in the video that he has received several phone calls from angry parents who are upset about their kids being placed in quarantine after being labeled close contacts of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

“Well, I’ve got the solution - if you feel like you need to get tested, go get tested,” Peter said. “But when they ask you who you’ve been around, you ******* lie. You are not under the penalty of perjury if you don’t tell the health department who you’ve been around. You can lie. Easter bunny and Santa Claus, that’s who you’ve been around.”

The Wabash Community School District released a statement saying that all other members reject Peter’s statements and views.

“The Wabash County CUSD #348 was made aware of the statements and views made on social media on of its’ members. All of the other Board members categorically reject the statements and views made by this member and remain committed to the health and well-being of all CUSD #348 students, faculty, staff, and the entire Wabash County Community.”

Peter also released a statement saying he is the only one who will stand up for the kids.

“My videos on Tik Tok do not in any manner reflect the sentiment or thoughts of our board. Tik Tok is for nothing more than entertainment. My using the phrase “hey kids” is nothing more than the standard greeting I use at the beginning of nearly every Tik Tok to say hello to my 26,000 followers. Only if purposely taken out of context would one think I’m addressing children. Regarding the profanity and promotion of dishonesty I spoke of; I never speak this way in an open board meeting. The tone of my voice is one of passion and reflects the increasing frustration that I, as a school board member and a parent, am experiencing which are shared by the majority of the parents who call me about this situation. I field numerous calls from angry parents each week because their healthy child is continually quarantined from school. Their child’s school experience is being totally ruined. Each one of these parent’s frustration has gone beyond the boiling point. They are desperate for a solution, and they all feel like I am the only member of our board they can talk to, because I am the only one who will stand up for our kids. Although it wasn’t delivered in the most politically correct way, I provided a solution.”

Peter also addressed the criticism he is receiving in another video posted to TikTok on Thursday.

“The only thing I wish I would have done differently is not say the F word,” Peter said. “And you can plead the fifth. Not lie, just plead the fifth. But you know what - I unapologetically say what everybody is thinking.”

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