Evansville hauls off 5 tons of trash from Woodland Park Apartments

Evansville hauls off 5 tons of trash from Woodland Park Apartments

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Tons of trash is now gone from Woodland Park Apartments.

Trash first started piling up two weeks ago when the trash service removed its dumpsters. Many people filed grievances.

The apartment managers told us the trash service had a change in ownership, which caused the hiccup in service.

The city brought in a contractor to clean up this morning. They hauled away five tons of debris.

Code enforcement previously flagged this property. But after that, the city had to wait a number of days before taking action.

We’re learning a new trash contract is now in place and will be with Republic Services.

14 News spoke to city leaders Friday about the property.

“The city certainly has an eye on code enforcement and does not want any resident living in unsanitary conditions,” explained Deputy Mayor Steve Schaefer. “And that was occurring with trash piling up. Without dumpsters there, without a transition in service, it created a real problem; not only an eyesore but attracting unwanted rodents. No resident should be living in a situation like that.”

Schaefer also says code enforcement plans to check in periodically.

This city is pushing for the complex management to maintain these services so trash continues to be collected.

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