Dumpsters delivered to Woodland Park Apartments

Dumpsters delivered to Woodland Park Apartments

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Four dumpsters were delivered to Woodland Park Apartments in Evansville.

Last week, trash was piling up inside the complex’s trash areas during what a property official said was a change to a new trash company.

Code enforcement flagged the complex, requiring owners to clean up the garbage within ten days.

On Tuesday, City Councilwoman Missy Mosby says those temporary dumpsters were no longer at the property when she stopped by, and trash is piling up again.

According to Deputy Mayor Steve Schaffer’s Facebook post, Republic Services has taken over the trash service at the apartment complex, and put new dumpsters and trash cans on the property on Wednesday.

Last week, a representative for the apartment complex said they couldn’t reach an agreement with the previous trash provider, Advanced Disposal.

The Deputy Mayor also says according to the building commission, Woodland Park officials have to clean the property by the end of the day Thursday or the city will have to come in and clean it by Friday.

“That was great that that happened, but this wasn’t the first time that there’s been issues at this apartment complex and we need to get it resolved,” City Council President Alex Burton said. “No resident in the city of Evansville should be living under these conditions as it relates to trash and just the basic things not being taken care of.”

The Mayor’s Office says if the city does have to end up hiring a contractor to clean up the trash by Friday, the apartment complex’s owner’s will have to pay those fees.

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