HS wrestling holding strong despite COVID-19 pandemic

HS wrestling holding strong despite COVID-19 pandemic

NEWBURGH, Ind. (WFIE) - High school wrestling is a demanding, physical sport. Out of all of them, several people may think it would be the most difficult one to regulate in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The head-to-head, strenuous contact between two wrestlers might seem like a problem, but Castle head wrestling coach Bob Harmon says it’s not as bad as people might believe.

Since wrestling is more of an individual sport, this actually helps decrease the risk of an outbreak happening among teams. Meanwhile, coaches and competitors are following strict protocols to keep wrestlers safe.

“Everything’s worked out pretty good, you know, every day in practice - the kids that wrestle each other, wrestle the same kids and we keep track of that,” Harmon said “So if something were to come up, then you’d have two kids maybe that would be out, where you don’t have a whole room with the close contacts and things like that. So we do a lot of things like that - take their temperature every day. After every duel meet, we clean the mats, where you didn’t necessarily do that after every match. When we’re wrestling a five-team or a multiple-team tournament like that, we’ll change singlets halfway through the tournament.”

Those same protocols will undoubtably be in place over the next several weekends during the SIAC tournament, as well as IHSAA sectionals, regionals and state championship tournaments.

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