Hopkins County begins vaccinating school workers

Hopkins County begins vaccinating school workers

MADISONVILLE, Ky. (WFIE) - Hopkins County is one of the first counties in Kentucky to begin Tier 1B of the state’s vaccination rollout. Vaccines were given out to school workers on Friday at the Hopkins County Schools Career and Technology Center.

Denise Beach, the county department of health’s director, said they had 600 vaccines left over after quickly completing Tier 1A.

Because there were only 600, they chose to begin with schools, which Beach said was important to get children back on track with their educations.

Beach says people who are 70 or older, who are typically included in 1B, will begin getting their doses when the state sends out the next batch of vaccines.

Beach anticipates that happening by February.

Hopkins County School District Superintendent Dr. Deanna Ashby said they sent faculty that has regular direct contact with students to get the vaccine.

”It’s just a tremendous gift for us to get that to go ahead and get rolling,” said Ashby. “Because we know that’s one of the first steps in reaching the end of this.”

Ashby says it was important to have a deep roster of immunized faculty to keep their students safe when they return to the school on January 19.

We are told 48% of their staff received the vaccine on Friday.

According to Beach, shots were also administered to faculty from Dawson Independent Schools, and the county’s private schools.

The group will receive their second dose of the vaccine on February 12.

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