Some KY schools begin vaccination process, thousands of teachers await to receive doses

Some KY schools begin vaccination process, thousands of teachers await to receive doses

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - Kentucky Phase 1B’s rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine continues.

Law enforcement agencies are vaccinated, but thousands of teachers are awaiting a vaccination date from the state.

Some Kentucky schools have already started vaccinating their employees, and school officials in Owensboro say it’s been frustrating to watch.

“What’s frustrating for a lot of staff is that they’re seeing these smaller school districts, that their health department only services one county,” Jared Revlett, the public information officer for Owensboro Public Schools said.

Since the Green River District Health Department is a bigger entity that covers seven counties, OPS officials say this is why they are working with the state to get vaccines for their employees.

Owensboro teachers could get vaccinated as early as the end of January.

OPS administrators say the state is working on creating a partnership with either Kroger or CVS to get their personnel vaccinated. This would help prevent the hospital or the health department from getting overwhelmed.

“Some of our staff, school nurses have been able to get their schedule to go and get their vaccinations,” Revlett said. “We’ve had some over 70 (staff members) who have been able to go and get theirs. We’ve had some with underlying medical conditions that have gotten a special waiver from a doctor.”

For clarification, school nurses fall under healthcare professionals in group 1A, which is why they were able to get vaccinated.

Officials with Daviess County Public Schools say under orders from the Kentucky Department of Public Health, school employees are not eligible to receive Owensboro Health’s vaccination at this time, unless they are age 70 or older.

“Just between our district and Daviess County alone, there’s over 2,000 teachers who are willing to get the vaccine,” Revlett said. “And the state is only distributing 53,000 a week.”

Owensboro Public Schools resume in-person learning on Thursday. School officials say they are looking forward to return to the classroom, especially as they move closer to vaccination dates.

Daviess County Schools and Owensboro Catholic Schools are waiting for more specific details on vaccination dates.

The Owensboro Police Department and Daviess County Sheriff’s Office have received their shipment of vaccines and have begun vaccinating.

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