Henderson parents find doll clothes to fit their baby born nearly 3 months early

Posey County parents find doll clothes to fit their baby born nearly 3 months early

HENDERSON, Ky. (WFIE) - A baby girl is in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Deaconess Henderson Hospital after being born two-and-a-half months early.

Her parents from Henderson County had a hard time finding clothes to fit the 30-week-old baby and found some in an unexpected place - the toy section.

Baby Willow was born by emergency Cesarean section on December 15 when doctors said her mom’s blood pressure got dangerously high.

“The doctor said she needed to be delivered now, or mom and Willow’s lives could be in danger,” Randall Littlepage, Willow’s father said.

The mother, Florence Hunter, said doctors had to deliver Willow fast, as both her and the baby’s blood pressures kept climbing.

“My blood was racing inside, my mind was going a hundred miles an hour and I was thinking a hundred different scenarios in my head,” Hunter said.

“It wasn’t even, I swear, five minutes later I heard my baby cry,” Littlepage said.

Since her emergency delivery, Willow has been defying the odds, according to her parents and nursing staff.

“We weren’t expecting her to come out as early as she did, but ever since she came out she’s been a straight fighter,” Littlepage said.

“The next day they’re telling me she does not need a ventilator, she did not need oxygen,” Hunter said.

What Willow did need was clothes to fit her premature body. A family friend saw some doll clothes at the store and thought they’d be a perfect fit.

“We just had to try them on and they just were too cute, they fit just perfect,” Hunter said. “We took pictures and the nurses went nuts, the internet went nuts - she just looked too cute.”

Willow was born weighing two pounds and two ounces, but then dropped suddenly to one pound and 13 ounces. As of Tuesday, she weighs in at three pounds, six ounces.

Doctors at Deaconess Henderson Hospital are working to get Willow home to her family by the infant’s original due date of February 19.

Doctors say if she continues progressing, she could go home sooner.

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