Newburgh woman contracts COVID-19 after making thousands of masks for community

Newburgh woman contracts COVID-19 after making thousands of masks for community

NEWBURGH, Ind. (WFIE) - A Newburgh woman took to her sewing machine and made around 3,000 masks for the community since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, Bonnie McLeod is now fighting the virus herself.

What began as a simple idea to help turned into a way bigger project.

”She started doing masks when this all started because no one had masks,” Scott McLeod, Bonnie’s husband said. “And she said, ‘Well, what should we charge?’ and I said, ‘Don’t charge, just do donations.’ She taught my granddaughter how to help her make them and they were making them together in the front room here.”

Bonnie’s neighbors say she’s been a blessing to more people than she’ll ever know.

”It was just so uplifting,” Jack Burgdorf, Bonnie’s neighbor said. “Living right across the street, cars were constantly coming in so we’d see them drive by. We never get traffic down here and it was neat. She would leave the masks on the table. She also works, so she would leave them there and put a box out and people would maybe leave a donation, maybe not. Take a mask, or two or three, and it was neat to watch. They fit so well in it and that’s really a neat thing.”

Meanwhile, Bonnie is currently fighting the virus that she was trying to protect her community from.

”She’s been sedated pretty heavily with a ventilator down there, but they’re bringing her out of that,” Scott said. “But we’re hoping she’ll make it through it. She’s a strong lady.”

Bonnie’s neighbors took to Facebook and the Next Door app to update everyone on her condition.

Neighbors say they have gotten hundreds of responses.

”I would want her to know that so many people cared and if she gets well that’s probably why - the prayers and stuff,” Burgdorf said.

As for Scott, seeing his wife fight this virus alone, he’s got one message he wants to share during a difficult time.

”You see people not wearing masks and doing things thinking they’re invincible,” he said. “Realizing how deadly this disease was - it’s tough on people and my heart goes out to everyone who’s got someone in there.”

Bonnie also works at Yankeetown Elementary School, and the principal says her school family is sending prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery.

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