Being in the ‘red’ impacting businesses in Posey Co.

Small businesses get help with $900K relief

Being in the ‘red’ impacting businesses in Posey Co.

POSEY CO., Ind. (WFIE) - Posey County, like many in our area, is still in the red Thursday morning.

That can have an even bigger impact on local businesses in smaller communities.

The Posey County Economic Development Partnership tells us the small businesses are making it through these difficult times.

They say one of the biggest reasons for that is the funding these businesses are receiving.

In September, the partnership announced that $900,000 would be going to businesses in need who were most impacted by COVID-19.

Since then, they tell us that everyone who applied for the help and qualified, received an equal amount of money based on where that business is located.

Mt. Vernon had 51 total businesses that applied for help.

The partnership tells us it’s the funding and community support that is getting them through.

“From what I’ve heard from the community and business owners, they’ve actually been very well supported. Some have gone and stayed at limited hours and limited capacity in order to keep staffing where it needs to be and things like that,” said Jenna Richardt, executive director of the Economic Development Partnership.

Officials tell us that grant money comes from the Office of Community and Rural Affairs.

Posey County leaders say they are doing so well that they’re being contacted weekly about opening new businesses in the area, which is a positive sign about the future of the economy.

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