Feed Evansville holds first food share event of the year

Feed Evansville holds first food share event of 2021

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - It was a big turnout for Feed Evansville’s first community food share event of the year.

It was held in the usual spot at Hartke Pool.

Organizers say the food that was distributed today came directly from Feed Evansville through grants and private sponsorships.

Because US government’s stimulus bill was passed so late in December, Feed Evansville says the USDA hasn’t received the funding for the Farm to Family Initiative.

Organizers say they’re extremely pleased they were able to provide 1,000 families with food thanks to their private donors.

“The fact that everything today was locally driven by either a sponsor giving cash or food items from local businesses or community members just speaks to how our community here in Evansville and the tri-state area comes together and helps one another. And how everyboyd is a part of our community food share process,” said Lisa Vaughan with Feed Evansville.

Feed Evansville hopes the USDA’s Farm to Family Initiative will start back up in February.

Once it does, they can begin applying to receive more of their normal boxes.

They plan to have another food event on January 27.

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