Posey County Councilman’s social media posts raise concern for officials, residents

Updated: Jan. 12, 2021 at 7:13 PM CST
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POSEY CO., Ind. (WFIE) - In Posey County, officials and residents are raising concerns over a council member’s social media posts surrounding the riots at the U.S. Capitol.

According to representatives from the Posey County Democratic Party, Republican Councilman Aaron Wilson took to his personal Facebook account posting several comments that many say they find disturbing.

Community members say these posts extend far beyond just Facebook.

Wilson appears to give similar messages on Parler, Clapper and TikTok accounts.

“Sure there are some radicalized extremists just like him, but most of us were horrified by what we saw in DC on Wednesday and would never want it to happen again,” an anonymous community member said. “Any elected office that calls for violence should be removed from office, and if necessary, charges brought against him.”

Posts that have since been deleted were screen grabbed and sent to us by Democratic party officials.

Those posts show Wilson saying things like, quote, “I’m not condemning anything after a whole year of violence from far-left groups,” and “enough is enough” and “it’s time to go to war.”

The Posey County Democratic Chairman reacted Tuesday.

“The Posey County Democratic Party does not condone the comments of Mr. Wilson on his recent Facebook post. We do condemn his comments and would hope and ask for the Republican Party of Posey County to join us and asking Mr. Wilson to resign his position as Posey Councilman,” Ed Adams, the Posey County Democratic Chairman said. “The people of Posey County deserve better representation because this is not Posey County.”

We reached out to the Posey County Council, including Heather Allyn, the council president, but no one would comment.

Greg Newman, Posey County Republican Chairman, says the Republican party doesn’t condone violence at all.

“I do believe Mr. Wilson regrets making those comments. I don’t think he was advocating for violence despite poor use of wording there. When that happens, I don’t think we ought to judge someone simply by a poorly worded Facebook post or comments but actually look at the totality of what their record is,” shared Newman.

After numerous attempts to reach Wilson on Monday, we were able to get him to talk to us after the Posey County Council meeting Tuesday afternoon.

14 News reporter, Jessica Costello, asked Wilson the following question.

“There are a lot of concerned community members at this point regarding social media posts, multiple social media posts, do you want to say anything to those people that you represent in Posey County?

“I’ve had plenty of people reach out to me and agree that I condemn all violence,” answered Wilson. “That’s the statement I’ve made including cancel culture violence, which is trying to ruin people’s lives because of a difference in political ideology.”

Costello then asked, “It’s time to go to war, enough is enough, can you explain that? Because that seems like violence, right?

“You know, a different verbiage could have been used. There’s things that people say that mean multiple things,” explained Wilson. “Storm the capitol is an expression that has been used for years when people have grievances that people would like to take to their elected officials. That’s what I meant by that statement.”

Wilson says his full statement regarding those since-deleted social media posts is posted on his Politician Facebook page.

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