Trash buildup causing concern for Woodland Park Apartment residents, city officials

Trash buildup causing concern for Woodland Park Apartment residents, city officials

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Residents of an Evansville apartment complex are raising a stink about a buildup of uncontained trash. It’s raising concerns not just for residents, but city officials too.

”I came back from my aunt’s house one day, it was actually last weekend on Saturday, came back, and the dumpsters were gone. All the trash that’s here has been piled up since Christmas. I hope they get it cleaned up soon,” said resident David Postin.

City officials say the pile up is unacceptable and needs to be resolved immediately.

Officials also tell us both the building commission and Evansville Water and Sewer Utility have been trying to resolve numerous issues at Woodland Park Apartments.

We’re told code enforcement inspectors have taken action via state statute by flagging the property, which requires the property owner to clean up the trash within ten days.

After several attempts to contact the main office, we were hung up on multiple times.

“They told me they were supposed to get dumpsters today, but as you can see no dumpsters are out here,” Postin said.

But we were able to get ahold of an out of town property official who says dumpsters should be arriving by Wednesday.

That out of town property official says their trash provider was originally the company Advanced Disposal but is currently undergoing a change of ownership to Waste Management.

That Woodland Property official says they were unable to make a payment arrangement with the servicer and were told Advanced Disposal wasn’t interested in doing so.

Property officials say they’ve changed their trash servicer and are expecting dumpsters on the property by this Wednesday.

We did reach out to Advanced Disposal in Evansville for comment and were told to call corporate. We called the corporate number but didn’t get anyone to return that phone call.

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