K-8 students at Daviess Co. Schools head back to class on hybrid schedule

K-8 students at Daviess Co. Schools head back to class on hybrid schedule

DAVIESS CO., Ky. (WFIE) - Some students at Daviess County Public Schools in Kentucky headed back for in-person classes Monday.

The school district says they were able to pinpoint some issues from last fall that they are working on this winter.

“As I tell people, our staff live in our community, they’re community members. So when community spread goes up, that means we have more staff that are being infected with the virus or experiencing quarantines,” said Matt Robbins, superintendent for Daviess County Schools.

Those students heading back are coming in on an A/B schedule, while high school students will head back on January 19 on the same format.

“The reason we delayed the high schools had more to do with the end of their semester and the beginning of a new semester,” Robbins said.

As students head back for in-person classes, the school district continues many of the protocols they had in place last fall, following the direction of the state on these procedures. They say the first step is the A/B schedule.

“That then drives social distancing, which we’re able to maintain in our classrooms. Certainly, we do 100 percent masking. We’ve done that in the fall, and that obviously will not change,” Robbins told us.

School leaders hope that everyone is taking precautions to stay safe outside of the schools, which will help them continue on the inside.

The school district is also telling us that they are in desperate need of bus drivers.

If you or someone you know is interested in applying for those positions, you can apply here.

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