Beane named City Council President, Burton to serve as VP

Beane named City Council President, Burton to serve as VP

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Evansville City Council has elected a new body President. This was decided Monday during its first meeting of the new year. The vote was not unanimous among members.

That person would need a majority of the votes from council members after a nomination. That number is five or more, and it ultimately went to a first-term member.

Republican Ron Beane has now been named the 2021 Evansville City Council President, which is a first for the party in decades.

“We’re on the third term of a republican Mayor,” Beane pointed out. “There are leaders within this party, so I’m glad enough members felt I’d be qualified and good at this so I am excited.”

Members took up the discussion early in the meeting and voted to decide. Neither James Brinkmeyer or Missy Mosby supported his nomination.

“I liked the checks and balances of having a democrat President and a republican Mayor,” Missy Mosby, who represents the 2nd ward shared. “I felt like it was a good checks and balances, and I don’t feel it’s going to be that way.”

Beane replaces Democrat Alex Burton who represents the 4th ward. Burton will move to the council’s Vice President position after a nomination by Beane.

Burton says he wants to focus on community issues like affordable housing and shootings.

“Our goal is to do the planning now so that by the time May or June gets here, we’ll be able to roll out an effective series of programs and policies that would really curb the violence that’s happening,” Burton explained. “It’s not just in the 4th ward on the south side, but the southeast and east sides, as well.”

The finance chair, previously held by Beane, will now be filled by Zac Heronemus.

“I anticipate a year without disagreements on council that rise to the level of being an argument,” Beane added.

Council members also decided to retain Josh Claybourn as its attorney.

The next meeting will be Monday, January 25.

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