Owensboro woman organizes ‘Hugs for the Holidays’ across Kentucky

Push for Hugs for the Holidays

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - An Owensboro woman is using her positivity to continue a movement called “Hugs for the Holidays” across Kentucky.

After seeing an advocacy group in Tennessee put pink ribbons around their town, honoring those isolated in long-term care facilities, one woman thought she could do the same in Owensboro.

Marla Carter’s mother-in-law is a resident at Genesis HealthCare in Owensboro. She knows first hand what it’s like to be separated from a loved one.

“Unfortunately a lot of the elderly residents of nursing homes don’t really understand why people can’t come in to visit them,” Carter said. “You can repeatedly tell them and some just don’t understand, don’t remember. Some of them honestly just feel forgotten and abandoned by their loved ones because they just don’t remember what’s going on. It’s just heartbreaking.”

Carter encourages people to keep putting up pink bows at their businesses or homes.

She says she hopes they stay up until we can hug our loved ones again.

Carter hopes more towns and people will join the movement.

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