Owensboro man wins $100K on lottery scratch-off

Owensboro man wins 100K in lottery scratch-off

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - An Owensboro man, who wishes to remain anonymous, had a Christmas to remember after winning $100,000 on a Kentucky Lottery scratch-off ticket.

Lottery officials say he stopped at the Valero on West 2nd Street in Owensboro on Christmas Eve to purchase a drink when he decided to buy a $30 Break Fort Knox ticket.

“I was going to buy a $5 ticket but thought, ‘What the heck, it’s Christmas,” he said.

He went home, ate dinner, and sat down to scratch off the Break Fort Knox ticket when he discovered he had matched the number 6, which revealed the $100,000 prize.

“It was about halfway down on the ticket when I matched a number. I scratched off what I thought was a hundred dollars but went on to scratch off more to find out I’d won $100,000,” he told lottery officials.

“Don’t know if I was just in shock but all I could do was stare at it (ticket) for a while. It was unbelievable,” the Daviess County man said.

The first person he called was his mom. She had a hard time believing him until he texted her a photo of the winning ticket. He told lottery officials that telling family on Christmas was special and gave them something to talk about.

He plans to pay off debt and put some of the $71,000 he received after taxes towards his savings. “I live a simple life, and there’s nothing I really need, but it’s nice to have something I can sit on,” he said.

Valero will receive a $10,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket.

Scratch off lottery win in Owensboro
Scratch off lottery win in Owensboro (Source: Kentucky Lottery)

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