Baptist Health Madisonville starts 2nd round of COVID-19 vaccinations

Baptist Health Madisonville starts 2nd round of COVID-19 vaccinations

MADISONVILLE, Ky. (WFIE) - Baptist Health Madisonville, one of the first Kentucky hospitals to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, started its second round of vaccinations Thursday.

Health officials say that over 100 healthcare workers were scheduled to get their second shot on Thursday.

14 News got the chance to be inside their clinic as several got those shots.

Cameron Edwards, Baptist Health Foundation’s Business Development manager, was at the clinic getting his second dose.

He told 14 News he and his wife work at the hospital.

“My wife works in one of the COVID areas in the hospital as a nurse, and I personally am very glad she’s able to have that vaccine, and she certainly comes into more risky situations than I do,” Edwards said.

“There were days when you know when we were worried that mom wouldn’t come home at night,” Edwards described, minutes after receiving his second shot. “She might be in a two-week quarantine situation. That was the risk that she took. That’s the risk that all of our hospital workers take.”

The process works just like it did the first time.

The person gets registered, they get the shot, and then they are asked to sit around for a while to make sure they don’t have a reaction.

So far, hospital officials said about 900 received their first round, and over the coming days, those 900 will receive their second shot.

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