Owensboro Health receives third shipment of vaccines, 1,800 workers vaccinated

A third shipment of Moderna came in on Monday

Owensboro Health receives third shipment of vaccines, 1,800 workers vaccinated

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - Owensboro Health’s vaccination process is quickly moving along.

The third shipment of Moderna came in on Monday.

Owensboro Health’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Francis DuFrayne, says they weren’t expecting to get this third shipment of vaccines so soon.

“The supply is coming in a little bit better and better each week,” said DuFrayne.

Owensboro Health’s vaccination clinic has been busy.

“We have about 1,800 people vaccinated,” stated DuFrayne.

So far, the hospital has received 6,000 doses of Moderna.

Dufrayne says on Monday they sent an email out informing all-region providers and their staff, regardless if they work for Owensboro Health, that it is their turn to get vaccinated.

“We’re also reaching out to other medical care providers such as optometrists, dentists, people who don’t routinely come and work at the hospital,” explained DuFrayne.

On Monday, Governor Andy Beshear expressed that he wasn’t impressed with how slow Kentucky’s vaccination process has been. Dr. Dufrayne says he understands hiccups are to be expected early on.

“But usually, you figure it out quickly, and once you figure it out, it really goes much smoother,” shared DuFrayne. “I think nationwide and even statewide they’re figuring it out. You have really smart people who are working really hard to figure this out, and they are. They’re getting us the vaccines as quickly as they can.”

The hospital has been working with the local health department on a daily basis, discussing the vaccination delivery plan for the community.

Owensboro Health is expected to have all team members vaccinated by the end of this week.

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