Evansville couple ties the knot in drive-thru wedding

Evansville couple ties the knot in drive-thru wedding

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Like so many other things, the coronavirus pandemic changed the way one Evansville couple said “I do” this weekend.

For every bride and groom, their wedding day is something sacred. Despite COVID-19 related hindrances, Saturday was still special for William Brokus and Ashley Wright, who both described their special day as “perfect.”

“I was like let’s do a drive-in (wedding), and I kept joking about it and people were like you are not going to be outside in January, and I was like if I want to we will,” Ashley Brokus said.

Similar to many other events, COVID-19 has delayed or canceled them. The newlyweds say they did not want to wait any longer to get married, but still wished to have all of their friends and family by their side.

The couple decided to tie the knot at Burdette Park on Saturday afternoon, and those who attended stayed in their cars and tuned into the ceremony either by rolling down their windows or using their radios.

The minister at the wedding says this was certainly a very new experience for everyone involved.

”I’ve certainly never done a wedding like this before,” Pastor Justin Jackman said. “We bought a short-range FM transmitter, and used that and borrowed that for today. So people have a live sound, but also have the ability to leave their windows up and hear it through the radio system, as well as anyone who wasn’t comfortable coming, it will be broadcasted on Facebook Live. So we tried to put as many options as possible for everyone today.”

“It’s not about you having these doors open and this majestic time - it’s the family, it’s the friends and it’s the people that come together, willing to make it your day,” William Brokus said. “By far, it’s kind of like a church is - not a building, it’s the people. The wedding is not the place, it’s the people there with you.”

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