Owensboro group painting mural dedicated to African history

Owensboro group painting mural dedicated to African history

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - A new mural being painted on a historic wall in Owensboro has its first coat on it.

Rafe Buckner with the Northwest Neighborhood Alliance says the wall right behind Kendall-Perkins Park was used as a way to segregate the community.

Alliance officials are using the wall to tell the story of African history from the past to the present. The first piece depicts ancient Africa.

When the wall is finished, alliance leaders are hoping to have 27 art pieces from artists all over the community.

“To me, I think there is an educational piece that is missing,” Secretary Marshall Coleman said. “Down here that identification piece that needs to actually have people be proud of where they are and want to take care of things first before you can move on into precipitation, or love, or self-sufficiency, so we got to do this in order.”

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Alliance leaders say they could use some donations to help complete the wall.

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