Hornet’s Nest ready for fun, different New Year’s Eve celebration

Hornet’s Nest ready for fun, different New Year’s Eve celebration

VANDERBURGH CO., Ind. (WFIE) - Partitions separate the booths inside Hornet’s Nest and customers remain in their seats. Typically on New Year’s Eve, the staff would add more tables and make room for patrons to enjoy the night’s festivities.

General Manager Tracie Nance has celebrated New Year’s Eve at the restaurant for several years and says it is usually a pretty electric environment.

“We’d have a small band, or karaoke, we would do toasts and all of that,” Nance said.

With current guidelines of social distancing in place, none of that will be happening. Although it is in the name of safety, she says it’s still a bummer.

“Yeah it is!” Nance said. “And it’s a bummer for a lot of customers too!”

Vanderburgh County Health Department Administrator Joe Gries is encouraging all those who plan to celebrate the holiday, to do so in a safe environment,

“Just like all of the other holidays, we hope that people protect themselves, understand what the safety protocols are, stay home if you’re sick, try to stay out of large crowds,” Gries said.

For those who plan on going out to Hornet’s Nest, masks are required to enter the building and customers have to wear them until they are seated.

“The kitchen will be open until (9 p.m.) and then they are allowed to stay until the ball drops,” Nance said. “We only have so many seats and that is all we can do.”

For several weeks, the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission has assisted with local health inspections to make sure that businesses have implemented safe strategies that are in line with Gov. Eric Holcomb’s executive order.

State Excise Police will continue to monitor local business during permit visits, including New Year’s Eve and the rest of the weekend.

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