Marine comes home for Christmas visit, surprises sister

Marine comes home for Christmas visit, surprises sister

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - A Marine from Evansville is home for the holidays.

Zane Carr is stationed on the west coast, where he’s been for the past nine months.

His sister, Tiffani said they picked him up from the Nashville Airport but kept it a secret from their other sister, Zoe.

“He is her most favorite person in the world. They talk every day,” said Tiffani.

The family surprised Zoe when they got home and captured the moment on video.

Zane gets to be home for three weeks.

Tiffani said the surprise has been in the works for nearly three months.

The family tells us it was an emotional scene all around, especially for the brother and sister.

“Played out exactly how it was supposed to and perfect timing as far as work schedules. Everybody was able to get off. It could of not played out any better than it did,” said Tiffani.

The family tells us Zane is heading back to California to finish up training very soon, but, fitting for 2020, he and Zoey will still keep in touch through Facetime.

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