Islamic Center of Evansville’s school expansion underway

Islamic Center of Evansville’s school expansion underway

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - A project years in the making, the construction on a nearly $1 million school building expansion project is finally taking place at the Islamic Center of Evansville.

”We started I would say about four years ago when we found out that our place is getting smaller,” Bashar Mourad, the president-elect of the Islamic Society of Evansville said. “Luckily our congregation is growing and we needed more space.”

Mourad says this project is funded completely by donations.

”Our ability to raise money has been somewhat hindered, but we have a very generous community,” Mourad said.

The new school building is set to include much more than just classrooms.

”The second half of the building consists of two stories,” Mourad said. “The first story is going to host preschool/daycare that we already started in the other building, and also we need more room to expand so they will be moving here. The second floor will be like a youth activity center, recreation.”

These building plans also include a kitchen and an indoor basketball court, which are places the president-elect says could be used for community events.

”We are all about our community here, and we will be happy to entertain those ideas and see if we can work out some plans where people, if they want to, come and rent it out,” Mourad said.

Officials say they are hoping to finish the school building by late winter of 2020 or early spring of 2021.

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