‘Elf on a shelf’ caught on camera by Chandler family

‘Elf on a shelf’ caught on camera by Chandler family

CHANDLER, Ind. (WFIE) - Many Tri-State families have an extra guest in their house this time of year - an elf on the shelf.

One Chandler family was determined to catch their elf named Figgy in action.

The Vanwinkle family says Figgy, standing just a few inches tall and dressed in red and white, has been pretty busy this year.

“He’s been hiding on the shelf,” says eight-year-old Liam Vanwinkle.

To prove Figgy was truly keeping on eye on the family, Liam and his sister Esme wanted to catch him in action and on camera.

“Of course, I was hesitant about it,” says mother Dixie Vanwinkle, “because I did not want them to get scared.”

Liam and Esme, both eight years old, were not scared.

“We had a little tripod,” says father Rick Vanwinkle, “so we put the camera on there. We were like, we’ll just leave it running all night and see if we can’t catch him, and fortunately, we did!”

The family video shows the moment Figgy was caught on camera making his way to the family Christmas tree.

“We were catching him on camera,” says Esme. “He grabbed the camera, running around and looking both ways. Then jumped so high, he was on our Christmas tree.”

“I think it was awesome,” says Liam.

Click here to see the Vanwinkle’s full video.

Mom and Dad say that despite how cool Figgy’s video turned out to be, the reaction from their kiddos that made it even more special.

“I laugh every time I watch it,” says Rick, “seeing the excitement she has when she sees what happened.”

Even after being caught on camera, the Vanwinkle’s say that Figgy continues to make his way around the house, leaving a little holiday cheer in his tracks.

“We hope that anybody who watches the video,” says Rick, “it brings a little bit of joy this year.”

The Vanwinkle family started a YouTube channel earlier in the pandemic as a way to create new memories while stuck at home.

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