Haynie’s Corner businesses ready to move forward after construction wraps up

Haynie’s Corner businesses ready to move forward after construction wraps up

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Business owners around Haynie’s Corner say they are finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel, as long as the area’s long-promised road construction project appears to be over.

Scott Schymik, the owner of Schymik’s Kitchen, says the construction project has been a challenge for most businesses around Haynie’s Corner, and then a pandemic was thrown into the mix this year.

“Not having the ability to drive straight down Washington and right on 2nd Street was very difficult,” Schymik said.

However, construction seems to have finally come to an end.

“Knowing all of the other owners and business operators - everybody kind of felt it and we’re glad it’s gone,” Schymik said.

While the city of Evansville assisted with providing signs that pointed people in the right direction of where businesses were located, the coronavirus pandemic was just another hurdle to jump through.

“Especially the event circuit that we would always provide as the Haynie’s Corner Events Association and the street being shut down as well, we were going to lose some anyhow during the construction,” Schymik said. “But since the COVID is here, we weren’t able to do any of it and that’s a huge loss for this neighborhood.”

Although far from being an easy two years, he says businesses around the arts district have stayed the course.

“For the most part, we deal with it and we get on with it, and it just takes strength to persevere and I think most everyone has done that,” Schymik said. “No one has gone out of business, and more power to everyone down here.”

Schymik says the association will have to see what the next year holds in regard to planning events again.

He says it will all depend on when the statewide mask mandate is lifted and COVID-19 vaccinations are made available to everyone, but local business owners like him are certainly excited for that day to come.

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