So. Indiana Career & Technical Center working to recruit students

In the midst of the pandemic

So. Indiana Career & Technical Center struggling to recruit students

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - School leaders at the Southern Indiana Career and Technical Center in Evansville say they’re having to get creative to recruit students in the pandemic.

The career and technical school really rely on teaching through hands-on experience and labs.

That’s why they tell us it’s even harder to recruit students in a hands-off pandemic and show them what all their labs have to offer.

Normally the school sends a representative to around 15 different high schools to teach sophomore students about the opportunities the school has.

They also welcome families into the school for two open houses every year and tell us these are heavily attended.

However, due to COVID-19, they had to change their thought process, and now they are posting videos to YouTube and Facebook weekly to help students understand some career opportunities the school can help with.

[So. Indiana Career & Technical Center’s Facebook page]

“What we’re doing is super important for these kids right now,” said Kevin Williams, the assistant director at the school. “It always has been, and I think it’s even more important because, manufacturing is still continuing, healthcare is still continuing. All these careers that we’re offering, they’re still needed in this area, and they’re needed more than ever.”

The school offers a wide range of classes that can help jumpstart a student’s career.

All classes are free, and students can continue their normal courses at the schools they currently attend.

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