Family names man killed in early morning house fire in Henderson Co.

Family names man killed in early morning house fire in Henderson Co.

HENDERSON CO., Ky. (WFIE) - Chief Fulkerson with Zion Fire Department tells us that one person was found dead after an early morning house fire in Henderson County.

The family of the victim tells us he’s James Manion. They have allowed us to release his identity.

Jessica Costello spoke with his niece, Elizabeth Butler, who escaped the flames.

The home on Bluff City Road near Boswell Road caught fire around 3:30 Monday morning.

We’re told it was fully involved.

According to the Niagara fire chief, another person was taken to the hospital with burns on their arm and smoke inhalation.

Authorities say that crews initially had water problems with no good hydrants in the area.

“He grabbed ahold me and told me, he grabbed my hand the last time I reached in and said ‘baby it’s getting too hot, I love you so much, but you need to get off this porch, it’s my time,” shared Butler.

Those are the last words Elizabeth Butler remembers her uncle saying to her as he pushed her out of a window of their burning home.

”Other than the panic screams of somebody burning and then it went quiet. I sat out here and four minutes later the fire department was here, it was bad,” stated Butler.

Fire officials say the fire actually started toward the front of the house in a pile of wood.

Firefighters say they were using it as a heat source and the fire spread to the rest of the house.

”We started fighting the fire and knocking it down. We had water problems this morning down here, there’s no hydrants,” said William Powell, Hebbardsville Firefighter.

With crews having to go about two and a half miles for the nearest hydrant, firefighters were on the scene for more than five hours.

”They got me in an ambulance and got me to the hospital cause I couldn’t breathe,” stated Butler.

Elizabeth says she escaped with her uncle’s service dog, another life that was saved thanks to her hero.

”He is my hero. He was amazing he would do anything for anyone, and everyone knew it,” shared Butler.

As her house now lies in pieces, she’s left with one memory she’s thankful to have salvaged.

”This simple little burnt up lanyard. These are the keys to my uncle’s truck. Now I know I got a piece of him no matter where I go,” said Butler.

Elizabeth says her next steps are to rebuild her life with her uncle’s service dog by her side.

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