Woman creates ‘Giving Wall’ outside Newburgh home

Updated: Dec. 6, 2020 at 6:09 PM CST
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NEWBURGH, Ind. (WFIE) - If you’re walking or driving through Newburgh, you may notice the Christmas decorations on several businesses and houses.

But one Newburgh woman took decorating this holiday season to a new level.

On top of the Christmas decorations, you’ll notice a wall full of zip lock baggies.

It’s a Giving Wall.

The owner of the home, Janet Richard, says if you’re in need, just come by and grab a bag, no questions asked.

The bags contain everything from winter hats, gloves, toothpaste, razors, hygiene products, scarves and more.

Richard says when she bought the home in 2016, she always wanted it to be something that everyone could enjoy.

She says with how difficult this year has been, what better way than to give back.

“I kind of wanted to bring the house back to life. So I’ve always had the idea of doing the giving wall, but this is the first year that I’ve actually had the chance to get it done,” said Richard. “With a lot of help from a lot of friends it’s coming to life, this year anyways. I’d like to continue. If it works out well, I’d like to continue it from now on.”

The Giving Wall is now apart of Janet’s yearly holiday decorations.

“I just want people to realize that just because they might be down on their luck there’s people out there that care and they’re not forgotten,” Richard said.

If there’s nothing you need right now, but instead would like to give back, Janet says you can give too.

“I’ve added extra clothes pins down there to the wires. They can just come by and add or take as thy need to and they can participate as much as they want to or as least as they want. Anything they think anyone would might need, they can just bag it up and hang it on the wall,” Richard said.

Janet says she’s already seeing bags disappear off of the wires, which makes her happy knowing there’s a little more light in someone’s day.

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