New community redistribution center opens in Henderson

4 Good Community provides nonprofits low-cost goods

New community redistribution center opens in Henderson

HENDERSON, Ky. (WFIE) - A new nonprofit recently opened a community redistribution center in Henderson.

4 Good Community opened its doors for the first time on Friday afternoon.

The center will be open to nonprofits, churches, shelters and any organization that holds a 501c3 tax status.

The center will carry low-cost food, toys, clothing and other supplies these organizations will need. Proceeds will go towards other community projects and scholarships.

4 Good Community is a membership-only center that requires a membership ID.

Click here to learn more on how an organization can register for a membership.

With the center’s grand opening, everything on the shelves was given out for free.

Organizers say they are glad to provide this service to organizations across the Tri-State.

“This has been the most impactful project that I have ever been a part of,” Jeff Kingery, president of 4 Good Community said. “It’s been a blessing to myself, and I think it’s going to be a blessing to the entire community.”

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