Evansville man, family wins Christmas light display

Evansville man, family wins Christmas light display

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Anthony LeBarron and his family love Christmas, as well as love decorating for the holidays.

Decorating has been a bit more difficult for LeBarron ever since he was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy nearly 16 years ago.

However, LeBarron and his family ended up getting a helping hand this year.

Cloud 9 Illuminations and WIKY-FM were putting on a promotion called “Brightest House on the Block.” LeBarron’s name was chosen from nearly 300 entries submitted on the WIKY-FM website to win a professional exterior light display from Cloud 9 Illuminations.

Needless to say, the LeBarron family was overjoyed.

“Like any other person that doesn’t have a lot to do, I entered the contest and they drew the name,” LeBarron said. “I actually was a lot impressed from what it is now to what the original design was.”

“It was a great situation that came together perfectly,” Eric Decker, owner of Cloud 9 Illuminations said. “So yeah, that was what we had in mind when we wanted to do the contest - we wanted to give back to the community.”

“I’ve always been hands on,” LeBarron added. “Long ago, I used to build houses from the foundation to the roof, so to go to not being able to climb a ladder and all that - it’s life-changing.”

Decker says it only took him and his crew a couple hours to put up the whole display, providing all the lights and replacing any lights that ever go out.

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