EPD investigating shots fired on Clayton Avenue

EPD: Man shows up at hospital after being shot

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Evansville police say they’re looking into a shots fired run on Clayton Avenue.

Officers say a bullet went into a room where a baby was sleeping Monday afternoon.

Police estimate between 20 to 25 rounds were fired.

They say they found cases from two different guns.

Police say no one was hurt, but they are still working with very little suspect information.

Neighbors say they saw a white car speed away.

“It’s almost like two different groups were shooting at each other, witnesses saw several people leave the area, one in a vehicle and one on foot,” said Sgt. Nick Winsett. “So we surmise that maybe they were shooting at each other.”

Right now, police are still investigating to figure out who might have been involved in the shooting.

Officers say based on witness information, they believe many involved were juveniles.

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