Black Friday shopping during a pandemic

Black Friday shopping during a pandemic

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Black Friday looks a little different this year in the heart of a pandemic, but people still made the most out of the situation.

We were out bright and early Friday morning as people lined up outside of Best Buy, hoping to snag a good deal.

Masks were required inside the store, and Best Buy officials told us the new gaming consoles were only sold online and could be picked up curbside to keep numbers down.

Several shoppers told us they just wanted to get out of the house and feel as normal as possible in these crazy times.

”I feel comfortable personally, but I can see other people not feeling comfortable at all, and people definitely get mad if you’re not your full six feet away, so you got to make sure,” said Cole Ambrose, a Black Friday shopper.

One store employee told us he counted around 100 people who lined up before the doors opened at Best Buy and say it’s a lot different compared to last year when he counted around 500.

Black Friday shopping during a pandemic

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