Vanderburgh Co. Health Department discusses meeting with state officials

Vanderburgh Co. Health Department discusses meeting with state officials

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - High Score Saloon in Evansville is prepared for Thanksgiving Eve festivities and will only allow 40% of their capacity to come in.

Inside, there will be strict enforcement of mask wearing.

“We’ve removed all of our barstools from the bar and we even have certain games turned off,” Jared Neible of High Score Saloon said. “That way it’ll give people more space between each other.”

The Vanderburgh County Health Department now has the help of various state departments to enforce those same protocols at local businesses. State fire marshal officials will communicate with retail businesses, while State Excise officials will deal with businesses that sell alcohol and tobacco products.

“Really just go out and talk to the business owners, talk to management, ask what their safety protocols are and work with them to provide education,” Health Department Administrator Joe Gries said.

He says it’s possible that some inspections and observances could happen during the holiday weekend.

“From what I understand, it’s already started and it’s going to continue,” Gries said.

He also says holiday weekends have proven to be a cause for concern.

“Obviously the virus is out there, people contract it, they don’t know they have it, they don’t know they have symptoms and they are out and around people,” Gries said.

During Governor Eric Holcomb’s press conference on Wednesday, it was announced the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission has already made 1,569 unannounced visits in businesses across the state, finding 47 to not be in compliance.

“We as business owners have a responsibility to try and keep our community safe,” Neible said. “If we don’t take the necessary steps, there will be some people who don’t follow the rules, and it helps spread COVID-19.”

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