Prayer vigil held for Owensboro healthcare workers

Drive up vigil honors Owensboro healthcare workers

Owensboro, KY. (WFIE) - A group gathered in western Kentucky Tuesday to show gratitude for healthcare workers ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday.

For the second time since the COVID-19 pandemic started, several people parked their cars outside of Owensboro Health Regional Hospital to support its staff.  Since March, the virus has strained medical workers, and prayers were said as they keep providing care.

As multiple horns blared, there was no traffic jam but, instead, a token of appreciation stretching from the outskirts of the parking lot to the hospital’s windowpanes.

“It’s not just the nurses, but the doctors and the people who have to mop the floors, and everything, we appreciate what they do,” organizer Jackie Pyland-Tipmore explained.

Healthcare workers pressed their hands up to the glass in awe of the gratitude coming from the ground below.

“I think it really means a lot to them,” James Travelstead said. “They do a lot of hard work. They’re going through a lot.”

From 5:00 until 6:00, a drive-thru prayer service was held at Owensboro Health Regional Hospital, which was organized by the community for those who risk their own safety to see that others receive appropriate care.

“Those things are very uplifting at a time where it can be very mentally draining to our team,” OHRH’s Director of Marketing Brian Hamby shared.  “So, we are very grateful for all of that support. It has meant the world to us.”

As far as capacity, Hamby added the hospital is in good shape. However, he is reminding people to keep following CDC guidelines and suggested small holiday gatherings.

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