Rainy weekend forecast

Friday night 14 First Alert Forecast

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Multiple weather fronts will move through our region this weekend. That will keep rain chances in the forecast, but it also means our temperature trends may diverge from what you would normally expect.

The first cold front will swing through the Tri-State Saturday morning, ushering in cooler air from the north. Normally, our temperatures would get warmer throughout the day. Instead, that colder, northerly air will basically cancel out the daytime heating, and our temperatures will hold steady in the low 50s through most of the day Saturday before dipping into the mid to upper 40s that night.

That cold front will also bring us rain, mainly in the morning, but a few scattered showers will remain possible through the afternoon as well, so keep your umbrella handy.

That front is just the first of three. A warm front will move through our region Saturday night, bringing us more rain, and it will be followed by the cold front from that same low pressure system on Sunday morning. Right now, it looks like the passage of that cold front Sunday morning will bring us our best chance of widespread and heavy rain late Saturday night into early Sunday, but that will move off to our east by around lunchtime, and Sunday afternoon looks mainly dry.

Temperatures will bottom out in the mid to upper 40s before midnight Saturday night, then we will slowly climb into the low 50s by Sunday morning thanks to that warm front. However, Sunday morning’s cold front will have the same general effect as the one on Saturday, so the low 50s is probably as warm as we will get that day.

Monday will be mostly sunny but cool with high temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s.

Another weather system will bring us more rain Tuesday afternoon and evening through Wednesday. Some of that rain could be heavy, and isolated thunderstorms are possible. Since many people will have that day off and may be traveling, we have issued an Alert Day just to give you a heads up that the weather probably won’t be severe, but it may still impact your plans.

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