New restaurant brings worldly flavors to downtown Evansville

Published: Nov. 20, 2020 at 6:49 PM CST
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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - The owner of Pangea Kitchen on Evansville’s east side is bringing a new taste to the downtown area.

What was first a Nabisco Factory, then home to the National Biscuit Company, has once again been given new life.

“That was extremely appealing,” says owner Randy Hobson. “Then as we started to talk about how this was a bakery when it was founded in 1895, and then National Biscuit came in - it was just like, okay. This is meant to be.”

The historic building was meant to be the home for 2nd Language - a sweet and savory restaurant bringing tastes from around the world to downtown Evansville.

“I would say more than anything,” says Matthew Uloth, head of baking, “we’re committed to making everything from scratch that we can.”

The patisserie, which is the bakery side of the restaurant, is set to open next week. It’s driven by French-style donuts.

“What’s great about these,” says Pastry Chef Sarah Bruggeman, “is we laminate it like a croissant, and then we fry it instead of bake it.”

The savory side of 2nd Language, set to open early next year, is crafted by Asian ramen and street food.

“Just with our hunger to do cool things and unique things that you see in big cities,” says Hobson, “we want to bring that to Evansville.”

The hundred-year-old hardwood floors and brick walls reflect the history of this building, but staff members say that’s not all that makes the restaurant special.

“It’s different because we are doing everything from scratch,” says Hobson. “It takes three days to make that French donut - three days - think about that.”

European and Asian sweet and savory, with a dash of Midwestern History, right on 2nd Street.

“I’m a little prejudice, but I’m really a food person,” says Hobson. “I think a lot of things revolve around food, so having a better food culture in this city will benefit a lot of things. That’s our mission.”

The grand opening for 2nd Language is scheduled for Tuesday, November 24 at 7 a.m.

Regular hours will begin after Thanksgiving on December 1.

2nd Language will be open Tuesday through Saturday from 7-11 a.m.

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