COVID-19 hospitalizations currently low in Ohio Co.

County healthcare officials equipped to handle more patients if necessary

COVID-19 hospitalizations currently low in Ohio Co.

OHIO CO., Ky. (WFIE) - For the time being, COVID-19 hospitalizations are down in Ohio County.

“We’ve had a few patients in the hospital, generally they’ve faired well,” Dr. Josh Skibba, chief medical officer at Ohio County Healthcare said. “Of course, it’s something that we worry - that the hospitalizations could tick up higher, but that’s why we’re prepared.”

Ohio County Healthcare officials attribute their low coronavirus hospitalization numbers to their precautionary measures, and luck.

“Our hospitalization rate is obviously quite low given that our positivity rate in Ohio County is 14%, compared to the state average around 9%,” Dr. Skibba said.

County health officials credit this positivity rate to growing community spread and aggressive testing.

“People are being tested without symptoms, where they weren’t before,” Athena Minor, chief nursing and clinical officer at Ohio County Healthcare said. “So we’re getting more positivity from that.”

Medical leaders in Ohio County are pushing for people to follow CDC guidelines.

“We have our staff cross-trained, so if things change and the landscape of COVID virus changes in our area, we’re still going to be prepared,” Dr. Skibba said.

If needed, the hospital is equipped to help other regional hospitals.

“If we have the space and we have to take care of people, we’ll take care of anybody,” Dr. Skibba said. “That’s our mission.”

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