Warrick Co. buys mobile morgue

Warrick Co. buys mobile morgue

BOONVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - With so many COVID-19 deaths across the country, emergency officials in many states are worried they don’t have enough room in the county morgues.

Warrick County officials say they have a mobile morgue that can be used beyond the pandemic.

In case disaster hits Warrick County, officials say they’re prepared.

“Early on we got reports from FEMA and the CDC that to start expecting mass causalities because of the coronavirus. So, at that time, I started looking into renting one of these so the county would have it on standby,” explained David Woolen, Director of Warrick County EMA.

From there, officials say there were no trailers to be rented but just purchased.

Officials say the 16 foot nine-by-nine mobile trailer will help make up for the lack of morgue space in the county.

“Warrick County doesn’t have a morgue per say, they have some space at the funeral homes where they can hold bodies while they prepare them,” said Woolen.

The mobile morgue was purchased for $42,500 and is powered by a generator which gives the trailer the ability to move from place to place.

Something the county health department says will useful.

“We know with the current situation with the numbers with COVID as they are, it’s definitely something we know can be utilized by more than just Warrick County," shared Aaron Franz, the administrator at the Warrick County Health Department. “So, we’re glad to have the availability to be able to help the hospitals and any other person that would need it.”

Health Department officials tell 14 News this mobile morgue could be used around 12 other counties and for various reasons outside of deaths caused by the coronavirus.

“Even our hospitals and our local facilities aren’t set up for a mass casualty event, so we were told ‘hey this is something you need to look into as a possibility,’ added Franz. “So that’s why we looked so hard into it and eventually came to the conclusion that we wanted to have one for our area.”

The health department says they’re grateful they have a resource that they can share if necessary.

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