Redbanks reports zero active COVID-19 cases among residents

Redbanks reports zero active COVID-19 cases among residents

HENDERSON, Ky. (WFIE) - A long-term care facility in Henderson has reason to celebrate this week.

Officials with Redbanks Skilled Nursing Center are reporting zero active COVID-19 cases among residents.

“Our very first case of the resident was on September 15," says Executive Director Shari Newton. "That’s just something you don’t forget.”

She says the uphill battle against COVID-19 really started at Redbanks in September.

“Once it got in," says Newton, "it was just very difficult to contain. It became overwhelming.”

In October, the facility reported more than 100 active cases of COVID-19 and 25 total deaths.

“Our emergency staffing plan had been implemented," says Newton. "All nurses, regardless of title, were working shifts and helping to take care of people.”

But on Tuesday, after what Newton calls an incredible team effort, the facility reported zero active cases among residents. This allowed staff to shut down the COVID unit.

“That was extremely relieving," says Newton. “All of the staff felt a sense of relief and gratitude, just so very thankful that we were able to do that.”

Newton says the last resident to test positive was on October 26, and the last staff member to test positive was on November 6.

“Everyone working together," says Newton, "from nursing to environmental to activities to social services, and just everyone working together, like I said.”

Newton also gives credit to the Henderson community.

“We’ve had other groups that came and just asked if they could meet around the flagpole and have a prayer service," says Newton. "The Priest at Holy Name has come and blessed the outside of the building with holy water.”

Newton acknowledges the status of the facility can change by the day. She says residents are still tested weekly and staff members are tested twice a week.

Staff are still required to wear both a mask and face shield when caring for patients. The facility also still has tight restrictions on visitors and group gatherings.

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