Baptist Health in Madisonville not allowing visitors for most patients

Baptist Health in Madisonville not allowing visitors for most patients

KENTUCKY (WFIE) - As the coronavirus pandemic continues, Baptist Health in Madisonville is modifying visitor rules.

Effective Monday, November 16 Baptist Health Madisonville is suspending visitation for most patients in the hospital and medical group practices, and allowing only essential caregivers to accompany patients for medical appointments or tests. There will be limited exceptions.

“For the past few weeks, Kentucky has experienced an increase in the Covid positivity rate and our service area is no different,” stated Dr. Wayne Lipson, chief medical officer at Baptist Health Madisonville. “This change is for the safety of our patients and to aid in protecting the health of our staff so they can continue to provide care for those in need.”

“We apologize for the inconvenience to our patients and their loved ones, but we must keep patient and staff safety our top priority,” added Lipson.

At the hospital, there will be limited exceptions, allowing one healthy visitor or companion for:

  • Patients under age 18 (one parent or guardian)
  • Women in labor (one birthing partner)
  • NICU (both parents)
  • End-of-life patients (one clergy member upon request)
  • Hospice or end-of-life patients (family visitation on case-by-case basis)
  • Dependent patients who require assistance (one caregiver)
  • Emergency Room patients (one support person if patient is non-Covid)

Those allowed to visit or accompany a patient will be screened prior to visitation, which may include having a temperature taken and must wear a mask at all times in the facilities.

“We encourage everyone to use their personal electronic devices to communicate with their loved ones in the hospital during this time,” said Dr. Lipson.

For Baptist Health Medical Group offices and outpatient facilities, a single essential caregiver will be allowed for:

· Child under age 18 (one parent)

  • Dependent adult who requires assistance (one caregiver)

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