KY Senate candidates make final push for votes in Western Kentucky

McConnell and McGrath visit our local KY counties

WESTERN KENTUCKY (WFIE) - Both Senator Mitch McConnell and Democratic Candidate Amy McGrath made their final push for voters in Western Kentucky Friday.

Sen. McConnell was in Owensboro Friday morning at Castlen Steel while Amy McGrath made a stop at an early voting rally in Henderson Friday afternoon.

As COVID cases soar in the region, 14 News Reporter Tanner Holbrook asked the senate majority leader about COVID-19 in Kentucky and how he would help.

“Well, not only for Western Kentucky but for the rest of the country, we need to get the vaccine in rapidly as possible,” said Sen. McConnell. “We need to get a massive amount of doses available not only for our country, but for the rest of the world. That’s job one. I had hoped we’d be able to do a second rescue package by now, but the partisanship and the presidential election has slowed that down. After we get the election out of the way, job 1: another rescue package, get the vaccine, kill the virus.”

While in Henderson, McGrath hit hard on Senator McConnell saying he has no plan. So we asked her what hers would be.

“Immediate aid, immediate aid for Kentucky, for those people that have been thrown off their job from no fault of their own,” said McGrath. "Right now, extended un-employment insurance for 600 dollars a month. Immediate aid in terms of schools personal protective equipment. There’s $1.3 billion dollars for KY schools on his desk. We need a national testing and tracing plan... "

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