Voters expected to take longer route to cast ballots at Towne Square Mall on Election Day

COVID-19 precautions making route to and from parking lot longer

Voters expected to take longer route to cast ballots at Towne Square Mall on Election Day

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - For those who plan on voting at the Towne Square Mall in Daviess County on Election Day, they could be in for quite a hike.

“Every location that we have usually has one way in, one way out," Richard House, the chief deputy clerk with the Daviess County Clerk’s Office said. “This one’s just a little bit different because we don’t have it back into a parking lot.”

Nearly 50% of the county has already voted.

“On Election Day, we’ll have people coming from both sides, so we’ll have people on the right go into the right side when they enter, and people on the left go into the left side when they enter,” House said.

Once voters enter, they will check in, head to a booth, cast their vote, then scan their ballot into the machines. After all that, instead of heading back out the entrance, they will exit through the mall.

“We have to do that because we have to keep the continuous flow and keep the line moving through without somebody stopping it up and slowing down the process,” House said.

If the walk is too much for those who are elderly, the voting location will have a wheelchair accessible route.

“I would advise you - we kind of gaged how many ballots we’ve dedicated to each location based on where people live,” House said.

However, voters can go to any of the six poll locations on Election Day. Extra ballots will be available at each one.

“All the lines should move pretty well throughout the day, so that’s what we’re expecting," House said. “With the turn out we’ve had in early voting, and the number of people that have cast a mail in ballot.”

Election officials say they are going to leave all drop boxes open on Election Day until 6 p.m.

If people have requested a mail-in ballot, they must use it to vote. If anyone still hasn’t received their mail-in ballot, please contact the Daviess County Clerk’s Office. They can then cancel their mail-in ballot and vote in person.

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