Owensboro Mayoral Race: Candidate Dracin Williams sits down with 14 News

Dracin Williams is one of four candidates contending to become the next Mayor of Owensboro.
Published: Nov. 3, 2020 at 6:24 AM CST
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OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - In an exclusive series, 14 News reporter, Katie Tercek sat down with each 2020 Owensboro mayoral candidate. She profiled why the candidate is running for office and who they are.

Dracin Williams is one of four candidates contending to become the next Mayor of Owensboro.

“I”m running to create a new narrative with the people of Owensboro, Daviess County. A narrative about fairness, injustice, and about addressing solutions for the community," said Williams.

Williams was born and raised in Owensboro. He’s a volunteer and an educator. Currently, he works at a women’s drug rehab center as a resident monitor.

“Every day I’m listening to the impact of addiction on not just individuals but on their families and their communities. And so especially since we have an addiction crisis here that is an issue, we must address,” said Williams.

If elected, he’ll focus on education, employment, and affordable housing.

“Right now is the most opportune time for me to run because I am a person who represents working-class people and families. And I know what they’re going through,” shared Williams.

Williams says he wants Owensboro graduates to be able to attend a community college for two years, debt-free.

“I believe we can do that if we engage the private sector as well as use some of the funds we have here locally,” said Williams.

29-year-old Williams says he’s passionate about growing Owensboro employment opportunities.

“We must focus on small businesses and entrepreneurship through small business grants," stated Williams. "And even micro business loans. And working with our farmers to provide outreach to the Asia Market in order to bring more business into our local agriculture and farmers sector.”

Williams says he wants to provide surety bonds allowing low-income families the opportunity to find affordable housing.

“We can also allocate funds in our community development in order to provide incentives for contractors to be willing to take those risks,” added Williams.

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