Over 11k people participated in early voting in Henderson Co.

Over 11k people participated in early voting in Henderson Co.

HENDERSON, Ky (WFIE) - Henderson County election officials tell 14 News they’ve received more than 11,000 early votes so far. That’s nearly a third of the 36,000 registered voters in the county.

Henderson County Clerk Renesa Abner feels pretty good about the election turnout so far and anticipates a high voter turnout after it’s all said and done.

“In 2016, the turnout was about 53% so I am optimistically going to say, maybe, 65% hopefully," said Abner.

Henderson County is heading in that direction already as 11,000 have cast their ballots. 7,000 of those voting in person, and 4,000 sent in ballots by mail.

That’s an astronomical increase compared to just 1,200 early voters in the last presidential election.

“COVID is one of the huge factors in the increase in numbers this year, and we didn’t really have early voting at that point either," explained Abner. “It was an absentee situation where you had to have an excuse, a reason why you were voting early, or absentee through the mail.”

Abner says they began counting early votes in October, and they still anticipate receiving a thousand more by mail.

“We are caught up at the moment so we want those thousand more ballots to come in, obviously, and I think we’ll have plenty of time to count those," stated Abner.

Abner says they’ll have the early vote totals on election night but will still have their hands full.

“The results won’t be final at that point. We will be continuing to count up until the 9, and that’s the cutoff. The 10 is actually the certification date," said Abner.

Abner is encouraging people to continue to take advantage of early voting.

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