More than 30k have voted early in Vanderburgh County

More than 30k have voted early in Vanderburgh County

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - There are more than 130,000 registered voters in Vanderburgh County, and 30,000 have already exercised their right to vote.

“Voter apathy is not an issue this election," stated Vanderburgh County Clerk Carla Hayden.

Hayden says 20,000 have shown up to vote in person, and 12,000 have mailed in their ballots. The elections office still expects around 3,000 more to be received before Election Day.

“We had gotten to the point in Vanderburgh County where we were expecting about half of the people would vote before Election Day, and the other half would vote on Election Day. Maybe 60/40, 50/50 something like that. But with this election, who knows," said Hayden.

The elections office usually sees around 5,000 mail-in ballots in a presidential election year, and they are already on pace to triple that number by Election Day.

Hayden says there was a lot of uncertainty about voter turnout when the pandemic first hit, but now she feels like it has just changed the ways in which people are choosing to vote.

“It actually is some of the older folks who would normally go cast their ballot in person and due to COVID, are a little leery of doing that," added Hayden. "So they are casting their ballots by mail instead. I know there is a lot of interest in this election on both sides. Regardless of what your politics are.”

Hayden says they should have all of the in-person votes cast on Election Day counted by the end of that night. However, they have set aside three days to count all early and mail-in votes.

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